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West Loop Strategy’s QuickSight Training Boot Camp

April 11, 2023

Working with modern Business Intelligence tools is exciting. Although the market offers a broad variety of tools, you may not have found the tool that meets all your requirements yet. Or you may have found QuickSight but don’t understand how to fully utilize the platform to fit your needs. The QuickSight boot camp can change that.

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The QuickSight Boot Camp presented by West Loop Strategy will teach you how to use Amazon QuickSight. A tool which allows you to easily analyze and visualize your data. QuickSight is a cloud solution and completely integrated into Amazon Web Services (AWS). With that, there are many powerful features. 

QuickSight can be easily connected to a broad variety of services and sources. QuickSight allows you to seamlessly import data. Visually express that data with a wide variety of visuals and calculations. All with a highly scalable, easy-to-use and very flexible data analysis tool. Our course will teach you how to fully capture the power of this tool.

What Can You Expect

The QuickSight boot camp will give you a first overview of QuickSight including the following topics:

  • Set up data connections to commonly used sources (S3, RDS, etc)
  • Leverage “SPICE” in-memory storage and scheduling refreshes
  • Best-practices for security & sharing data sources, data sets, and setting up Row Level Security
  • Basics of visualizations - what each visualization type can be used for, along with positioning, sizing, and what can be customized versus what cannot
  • Themes and conditional formatting
  • Parameters, on-sheet filtering, and cross-sheet filtering
  • Actions - external and internal navigation options
  • Advanced navigation patterns and ML insights
  • Sharing, emailing, exporting reports, and configuring alerts

Our Boot Camp’s Advantage

But why take our boot camp when there are other training materials out there? There are many reasons, but we will list out the main features why users come to us. 

First, our boot camp is tailored for each participant to learn what is important to them. Our team learns what each participant’s needs are, and then focuses the training to ensure that the important areas for success are taught. This helps users really get the most out of their training as opposed to generic training focused on use cases not specific to them. 

Second, this training is a live experience with real people on the other end of the video call. If a participant wants to clarify something, our instructors make sure to explain the concept fully before moving on. Our experts are well versed in QuickSight, and have helped stop many headaches from evolving.

Third, it is all well and good to be shown how something works, but you will never know if you are capable of something until you try it yourself. This is why the boot camp includes a training environment and exercises, so that participants are able to try things out themselves while an instructor is on stand-by ready to answer questions.

Finally, at the end of each day of training there is a Q&A session for participants to ask any questions that they had that were not covered. The instructors will also ask questions in the form of a short quiz to make sure that students understand the major concepts from that day. If anything still is uncertain for the participants, this test can be a great conversation starter for the next day.

Additional Features

When the two-day training session is over, our support does not stop there. Participants will receive a recording of the training so they can go back over any parts of the lesson they may have additional questions on. They will also get written, step-by-step instructions and access to data sets used in the class, that can be used indefinitely. 

What if participants have a specific question about a certain topic that was not covered in the training? The class has a collective 8 “office hours” of available support hours in the month post-training to make sure the team has what it needs to be successful.


Data is becoming more valuable than ever. Seeing areas of strength and areas of potential improvement has never been more important. Learn how to create informative graphics and actionable insights in Amazon QuickSight.

Reach out to our team to learn more about this opportunity here.

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