Providing focused perspectives and solutions

Financial Services

Fintech startups are disrupting the financial services industry overnight. Empower your talented teams to innovate in house by extending your technology to be an extension of your business strategy.

West Loop Strategy has partnered with industry leaders to build achievable technology roadmaps with clear impactful milestones along the way.

Public Sector

The Public Sector is going through major technology and digital transformations. These organizations need to accelerate and translate work to digital processes, shifting from in-person to remote collaboration.

West Loop Strategy is positioned to support this technical change through cloud services and expertise in implementation within dynamic organizations.


Electronically stored information is a major component of nearly every major legal case. Sifting through this data without a refined perspective slows finding insights.

West Loop Strategy combines the latest in secure, scalable technologies with decades of industry experience to help our clients spend time on case work - not data analysis.

Real Estate

Take advantage of the explosion of GIS data available with custom applications and integrations to take your real estate research to new levels.

West Loop Strategy partners with our clients to guide the digital transformation of real estate businesses. We enable you to find more opportunities in less time using the latest in technology.


New technologies are driving changes in the construction industry - creating efficiencies in all aspects of the business from planning to execution.

West Loop Strategy has expertise in the latest advancements in drone imagery and workflow management to help your business find new ways to improve delivery times and create value.