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Introducing loop

Create a simplified data experience - customized for your brand. loop moves reporting and analytics to your users' bookmark bar and out of their inbox.

Powered by AWS serverless technology and Amazon QuickSight, loop is a modern web application secured for multitenancy.

Keep everyone in the loop with your own centralized data portal.

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Our Services

Embedded Analytics
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Give your most important customers the insights they need, where they need it, directly in your applications using Amazon Quicksight.
Innovation & Strategy
Data and technology are critical to the future of business. Design a strategy that helps enhance your work with data-driven decision making.
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Cloud Engineering
Use on-demand infrastructure to reduce costs, streamline your product development, and modernize your infrastructure with serverless cloud technology.
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Geo Analytics
Take advantage of the geospatial data at your disposal with custom visualizations and analyses to uncover new patterns and insights.
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Legal Technology Services
Leverage state-of-the-art data extraction processes to expedite analyzing your data - allowing you to focus on finding critical trends and patterns.
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Exciting new Partnership!

Visibility and Detection
Lacework provides comprehensive cloud account security for AWS, Azure, and GCP accounts that provides insights about configuration changes that could lead to threats. At the console level of a cloud environment, an organization can inadvertently apply misconfigurations that could leak data or open up an easy attack surface to a hacker. With continuous updates and broad administrative access happening within cloud environments, account changes are normal. Yet, with increased activity comes increased vulnerability.
Identify and Analyze Anomalies
Lacework takes a completely different approach to anomaly detection. We collect high fidelity process, network, file, and user data to form a base model of normal infrastructure behavior. We then use sophisticated analytics and machine learning techniques to detect anomalies that may indicate threats. Our anomaly detection system is as adaptive as your environment is dynamic. In addition, because these baselines are generated automatically, we fine-tuned our solution to reduce false positives.
Cloud Engineering
Lacework delivers native container security support, reducing the attack surface, and detecting threats in a containerized environment. Our cloud container security monitoring platform automatically discovers every container across a user’s environment and clusters them based on different behaviors. We then visualize your containerized applications in real-time, providing a clear understanding of communications, launches and other cloud runtime behaviors.

Translate data into value

Translate the technical into comprehensible documentation and eye catching visualizations.
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Streamlined eDiscovery Services

Our experts make preparing the data easy so you can spend more time preparing for your case.
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Maximize Your Market Opportunity

Take advantage of the explosion of public data sets to enhance your own internal analyses.
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Build a strong technology foundation

Use advanced technology like high resolution imaging and AI to make smarter decisions.
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Digitally Transform

Accelerate your organization's transformation with partners who have successfully traversed to the cloud.
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Cloud Partners

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