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New QuickSight Features

April 11, 2023

New QuickSight Features (2022)

QuickSight is a powerful BI tool that is constantly evolving to better serve end users. Over the last year, Amazon Web Services has made a few updates to QuickSight that we believe deserve attention! In this blog, we will cover the Amazon QuickSight Community and several exciting new QuickSight features. 

Amazon QuickSight Community (2/22/22)

In an effort to unite QuickSight users, Amazon recently launched a QuickSight Community site.  This website is a place to ask, answer, and learn with other QuickSight users - have a question specific to your BI development? This is a great place to leverage the growing community of QuickSight users on the Q & A page. Want to hone in on your QuickSight skills? Try checking out the Learning Center for interactive “how to” videos, articles, and other resources to level up your QuickSight abilities. There is also an Announcements Page where users can stay up to date on all things QuickSight. Don’t delay, join us on the QuickSight Community site today!

Groups Management UI (3/23/22)

QuickSight now provides a user interface for managing groups to administrators - create groups and easily add or remove users from groups with Groups Management UI. 

Learn more about the new Group Management UI here!

CloudWatch Metrics (6/23/22)

AWS recently launched monitoring with CloudWatch, which gives QuickSight users access to insights into the availability and performance of their QuickSight ecosystem. Use CloudWatch to monitor data ingestions, dashboard load times, view counts, errors, and aggregate metrics.

Connect with us to learn more about deployment and dashboard services for CloudWatch!


As QuickSight geeks, we are thrilled that Amazon Web Services continues to add new features to QuickSight. If you are interested in staying up to date with QuickSight features announcements, keep following our blog and bookmark Amazon’s Analytics Announcements page. 

As always, if we can help you with anything QuickSight related, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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