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Why Cloud Why Now

April 11, 2023

West Loop Strategy’s engineering team cut our teeth in a pre-cloud world building on prem solutions. Recalling some of the larger projects and organizations we worked within we found many barriers simply working across infrastructure, product, engineering, security and business teams. Many of these barriers related to knowledge base and conveying how the solution met a different requirement. In a post Cloud world these teams become more informed as detail documentation is available to support understand of how non-functional requirements are considered this is all centralized and supported by AWS. For example, infrastructure teams are supported with deep technical documentation, cases studies, engineers and support teams – all available from AWS. Technical architecture diagrams is a critical part of building any system. When building on AWS you are able to leverage the knowledge base of successful implementations that can also be customized for you needs.

Reasons why West Loops Strategy’s engineering team loves building on AWS’s cloud.

·      Running modern applications on AWS reduces total cost of ownership and increases the agility of your teams and the reliability, security, availability, and scalability of your applications.
·      With modern application development, applications are built faster than ever, with the ability to scale quickly with global availability, while managing petabytes if not exabytes of data.
·      AWS enables faster and more frequent application releases, cost reduction through greater management efficiency and data center consolidation, and the freedom to direct more resources toward innovation by outsourcing administrative tasks. By viewing migration as an enabler and accelerator of modernization, organizations are achieving faster, more efficient, sustainable results across all their key imperatives.

Here at West Loop we are looking forward to the continued development of the cloud and will be on the lookout for new and exciting features as they roll out!

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