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Insights from the AWS Summit

April 11, 2023

Insights from the AWS Summit

The West Loop Strategy team had an insightful experience at the 2022 AWS Summit in Chicago! It was great meeting all of the brilliant folks working in the AWS community and learning about the many ways AWS is transforming industry. 

Our West Loop Strategy Team has a few takeaways from the AWS Summit they want to share with you: 

“By far, my favorite part of the AWS Summit was the community. It was eye opening to see so many people using AWS services across a diverse range of verticals. Amazon provides solutions from A to Z, but it takes a creative community of entrepreneurs and engineers to solve tomorrow's problems. I am grateful to have met just a few of these Amazonians who are changing the world via the cloud.” – Jack Scaletta (Data Analyst)
“My favorite part of the AWS summit was the New Media Pipeline Features in the Amazon Chime SDK. Specifically, the ability to relay information on a call. They have the ability to get data from a call, such as if a customer asks how much does this product cost, the SDK can relay that question to a Machine Learning program that searches your inventory and then will send the agent the information without the Agent having to look it up. That was just one of the features of many that stood out to me. Also that all of this data can be dumped into an S3 bucket, so in the future we might look to do reporting on it. Such as what are the most common questions asked, etc.” – Max Englehard (Data Analyst)
“Learning how AWS empowers experts across the AWS community was one of my favorite parts of the AWS Summit. In addition, I enjoyed learning about the different methods of embedding in QuickSight, especially how we now have the ability to embed individual visuals!.” – Peter Nolan (Data Analyst)
“It was exciting to not only learn from, but participate with, AWS Architects to get an understanding of the power of a side to AWS I was inexperienced with. I was able to build a basic Machine Learning model, learn about the connected solutions between Machine Learning and IoT and how those are applied with Robotics, and implement a solution for a more complicated IoT use case.” – Henry Gantner. (Software Engineer)
“The Chime Demo was my favorite part of the AWS Summit. AWS gave developers the ability to create zoom-like video conference apps in their web apps; created a managed service to individually record video feeds of each participant and combine the streams in various ways; added the ability to automatically stream recordings to various platforms such as twitch, YouTube live, etc.” – John Dombrowski  (Software Engineer)

Thank you to AWS Community and McCormick Place for hosting such a wonderful event! Our team is already looking forward to attending next year!

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