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Delivering a Data Foundation for Associations

April 11, 2023

Insights To Help Society And People's Lives

It is widely accepted now that the vast amounts of data companies generate represents a tremendous piece of potential value. This value is monetary, and also social; it contains immense potential to impact the public good. But do organizations know how to unlock this value? Do we know how to find the insights hidden in our digital attics and use them to improve society and peoples’ lives?

An organization’s ability to use their data for the public’s good depends on a few factors. The first of those is being able to access the correct data. Sometimes legacy systems and changing IT infrastructure can make it difficult to know where your data resides and how to access it. If you want to be able to see the “big picture”, you need to be able to unify all of your existing databases. 

A second factor is being able to visualize that data all in one platform. Many organizations go off of multiple reports, existing in many different platforms. Not having data together can make it difficult for people to come together on a consensus, and makes life difficult for all of those that constantly need to bounce around systems. However, the process of combining dashboards to one platform is no small task. It leaves many people trying to figure out where to even start. 

Accelerate Your Impact

With technology experts at West Loop Strategy, we’ve helped many clients combine their data into one clean, powerful, and helpful tool. Many associations and non-profit organizations are sitting on a treasure trove of information. By tapping into an organization's existing information and pulling that into a BI tool such as QuickSight public good organizations can truly accelerate their impact. 

West Loop Strategy leverages expertise to tap into data connections and stores that data into Amazon S3, RDS, and Amazon Athena to name a few. This allows organizations to house their most important data all in one location. Not only does this allow you to see all of your data in one place, but it is an extremely important step to understanding the data you have.

After cleaning up the architecture of their data, translating that data into a powerful BI tool such as QuickSight, organizations can get a better handle on planning information for communities. Instead of just numbers on a spreadsheet, companies can put together visualizations that give them a much better sense of where their greatest needs are. With QuickSight’s ability to tap into multiple data sources, files, and formats, visualizations can now combine all the data together to give you a better understanding of your organization's strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, giving you the ability to help the community more efficiently.

QuickSight’s technology also allows you to automatically update your dashboards based on new data received from data sources. This can save valuable time for your organization, allowing them to focus on more important issues that can really make a difference in the community.

Data to Help the Community

Organizations with clean data and powerful visuals are now positioned to help the community even more than they already were. They have gained efficiency from being able to see the data visualized and not having to tediously create an excel spreadsheet each week. With this saved time and ability to make decisions more easily, organizations will be able to focus more time helping people in need.

Reach out to West Loop Strategy if you are a public organization looking to organize your data and present it together in a clean, easy to understand, and minimal maintenance dashboard. 

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