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Applications in the Cloud

April 11, 2023

As your organization evaluates cloud migration efforts, keep in mind there are plenty of options if you take the leap.6 Application Migration Strategies: “The 6 R’s”

1 - Rehosting — Otherwise known as “lift-and-shift.”
2 - Replatforming — ”lift-tinker-and-shift.”
3 - Repurchasing — Moving to a different product.
4 - Refactoring / Rearchitecting — Reimagining how the application is architected and developed, typically using cloud-native features.
5 - Retire — Get rid of.
6 - Retain — Usually this means “revisit” or do nothing (for now).

You don't need to move forward alone -- West Loop Strategy is here to be your guide. Some of the most successful companies are those who invest in the cloud. A number of notable CEOs and founders have spoken of their decisions to move to the cloud and how it has paid off tenfold. West Loop Strategy will guide you through your cloud migration journey and will make sure you have an informed strategy.

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