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QuickSight Machine Learning, Analytics, and BI - Priced for 2021

April 11, 2023

Beyond QuickSight’s advanced analytics, powerful visualizations, and ease to embed West Loop Strategy prefers the pricing model AWS extends based on users and usage.

Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition now provides a new session capacity-based pricing model with scalable pricing for large-scale deployments. Session capacity pricing allows developers, independent software vendors (ISVs), and enterprises to benefit from lower per-session rates as they roll out embedded analytics and BI to hundreds of thousands of users. In such scenarios, average session consumption per user is often low (

Amazon QuickSight Enterprise edition now also allows developers to embed dashboards in apps, websites, and corporate portals without the need to provision and manage users (readers) in QuickSight. This allows interactive QuickSight dashboards to be rolled out in hours for high concurrency/high traffic scenarios where it is not possible to provision and manage users (or is highly inconvenient to do so). Examples of these situations include embedded dashboards for sharing public statistics within a city/county, dashboards of company-wide statistics available to all users to be embedded on an internal corporate portal, or embedded dashboards with the same data intended for tens or thousands of users per customer, department or job location/site within an app. Embedding without user provisioning requires session capacity starting at $250/month. Read more in the Big Data blog.

Lastly, developers looking to embed QuickSight now have a dedicated developer portal that provides instructions and code samples for three key embedded analytics scenarios - 1) dashboards accessible to anyone accessing a website or portal, 2) dashboards in apps that require user-level authentication and permissions, and 3) embedded dashboard authoring for power users of apps with multi-tenancy needs. Also available are interactive QuickSight dashboards with options to experience capabilities offered by QuickSight’s JavaScript SDK. Visit QuickSight’s developer portal for embedded analytics.

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