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QuickSight Community: A Brief Tour

April 11, 2023

The QuickSight Community is a fantastic resource for Business Intelligence (BI) developers. Home to an active Q&A page, Workshops, thorough Documentation, and more the Community site is a “one-stop shop for answers to your questions, tips & tricks, show & tell, and all-things QuickSight.” In this blog, we will walk you through a quick tour of the Community site, pointing out some of our favorite resources. 

Under Categories → Question & Answer, you can view questions that QuickSight community users have posted and responses from QuickSight experts! If you are stuck on a problem while creating an analysis, fine-tuning a dashboard, ingesting data, or with anything else related to QuickSight, you can check to see if another Community member has had the same problem. Chances are you’re not the first to encounter your roadblock and there may be a solution waiting for you! If there is no solution for your problem, go ahead and submit a new question. If you do submit a new question, it usually takes a few days for solutions to be posted. 

In addition to using Q&A to conquer QuickSight challenges, the Learning Center contains a host of resources that can help you! Checkout the How to Videos and Workshop Videos for visual tutorials or the Articles section for print content. The Amazon QuickSight team is adding to these ressources every week! Even if you are not stuck on a problem, the Learning Center is a great place to grow your knowledge and skill in Amazon QuickSight. 

You can also use the Announcements tab to stay informed about new QuickSight features. Check out our previous blog post on new features we are excited about. Need help leveraging new features? The Community has a resource for that too under the New Feature Videos section. 

The QuickSight Community site also has important links to other AWS resources. Easily access Demo Central, Workshop Studio, the Developer Portal, and QuickSight Documentation

If you find yourself thinking, “the QuickSight Community is great, but my business needs more hands on help…” you are in the right place! West Loop Strategy is a trusted Amazon QuickSight service delivery partner. If we can help you with QuickSight (or any other AWS services) don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! 

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