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AWS Analytics for Local Government

December 7, 2023

About the client: 

PayIt provides a modern customer experience and payment processing service to local and state governments. Their key market value is being able to provide an easy and efficient way for citizens to pay for utilities, taxes, registrations, and fines, and in so doing, provide a faster way for government agencies to collect more revenue.

About the problem: 

Our client manages multiple services to their customers, with each service being tracked in daily reports that are emailed to the customers individually. The customers found this to be clunky and meant having to keep track of multiple emails as well as documents that were not always formatted to their preference. What our client asked us to do was create a unified report that could be sent to customers in one email that had breakdowns of each of the services they pay for. The client also wanted these reports to simultaneously be available as either a PDF or CSV for easy use by their customers. 

Project challenges:

  • Map all necessary datasets to make sure that when a customer is using a service it is part of their daily report. 
  • Find an AWS tool that can compound the unique datasets in one report but make the distinct from each other when publishing
  • This AWS tool would need to provide these reports as both PDF and CSV files

Technology Used:

  • Quicksight


To meet our client’s specifications we utilized AWS Quicksight’s internal tool Paginated Reporting. What we were able to create was a report that can unify all the different service offerings our client provides to their customers in a single report that is formatted with section breaks to denote the unique datasets for each service. 

Using Paginated Reporting in Quicksight also allowed us to create daily schedules for emails that can be sent to individuals as well as user groups that are predetermined in IAM. These email schedules granted customizability to include PDF files, CSV files, as well as links to the Paginated report in Quicksight which meant we could provide flexibility for our Client’s customers. 

Ultimately, using Paginated reporting in Quicksight, we were able to provide our Client with a solution for their customers to be able to receive a formatted, organized, and flexible delivery system for one report that provided data on multiple services in multiple formats.

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