Amazon QuickSight

Analytics, BI, ML built on the cloud

West Loop Strategy loves QuickSight and we help organizations migrate from existing BI solutions to the power of the AWS cloud.

·  Pay-per-session pricing
·  SPICE (super-fast, parallel, in-memory, calculation engine)
·  Build predictive dashboards with Amazon SageMaker
·  Deliver rich, interactive dashboards for your readers
·  Embed analytics into your SaaS applications
·  FedRamp, HIPAA, PCI PSS, ISO, and SOC compliant

Embedded Analytics

Amazon QuickSight makes it easy to embed analytics into your application, empowering your users to gain deeper insights with your application’s data. QuickSight’s interactive dashboards and visualizations blend seamlessly into your application, which lets you personalize the look and feel.

Client Portals
Business Intelligence
Commercial Software

Machine Learning

QuickSight’s ML-powered Anomaly Detection can continuously analyze all of your data to discover anomalies and variations inside of the aggregates, giving you the insights to act when business changes occur. Schedule automatic anomaly detection jobs across billions of metrics.

Use ML-powered Forecasting to accurately predict your business metrics, and perform interactive what-if analysis with point-and-click simplicity. QuickSight’s built-in algorithms make it easy for anyone to use ML that learns from your data patterns to provide you with accurate predictions based on historical trends.

QuickSight can automatically generate natural language narratives that can be woven into your dashboards and reports to provide deeper context for users. Use customized calculations, and custom formatting that allow you to control the story you present to your users.

Discover Hidden Insights
Accurate Forecasting
“West Loop Strategy delivered comprehensive Quicksight dashboards that gave our clients valuable insight of their portfolios in a clean, crisp fashion”


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