“West Loop Strategy delivered comprehensive QuickSight dashboards that gave our clients valuable insight of their portfolios in a clean, crisp fashion”


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Dashboard displays historical performance for all US ETFs and Mutual funds since inception, demonstrates the ability of QuickSight to analyze a large data set and identify actionable insights.

Analyzes defects and bugs reported for a public JIRA project. Demonstrates how QuickSight can aggregate technical details and display them to a wider audience in an easy to understand format.

Dashboard illustrates the 'migration' from state-to-state taken by first year students as they enter college. Demonstrating some of the geo-spatial capabilities offered by QuickSight, as well as advanced chart types and navigation.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) verifies banks, lenders, and other financial companies respond and treat consumers fairly. As displayed below users can customize data visualizations based on a wide variety of options
to highlight in depth data insights. QuickSight allows organizations to quickly understand, track and make decisions for the public based on such data.


Amazon QuickSight makes it easy to embed analytics into your application, empowering your users to gain deeper insights with your application’s data. QuickSight’s interactive dashboards and visualizations blend seamlessly into your application, which lets you personalize the look and feel.

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QuickSight’s ML-powered Anomaly Detection can continuously analyze all of your data to discover anomalies and variations inside of the aggregates, giving you the insights to act when business changes occur. Schedule automatic anomaly detection jobs across billions of metrics.

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