Keep your teams in the loop with deep data insights accessible in a seamless web portal - powered by Amazon QuickSight.

loop is a modern web application optimized for the cloud to fast track your teams to powerful analytics.

loop is built for security and growth - designed based on careers in FinTech and RegTech, developed for CISO approval.

loop considers non-functional requirements our team has built to spec throughout our careers.

Understand your users with detailed analytics focused on user engagement - keep your audience engaged.


loop is one web portal secured for all of your customers.

Customers use the same infrastructure, while still keeping their data and their business logic secure and separate. Each tenant’s data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants.

A rich set of features that allow you to easily customize the look and feel of loop to match your branding.

We will work with your team to make your instance of loop represent your brand to the fullest.

Regardless of where the data is, loop makes it easy for customers to analyze data and gain insights instantly. Data source can be a variety of different formats including csv files, SaaS data sources, file sources, relational data bases, Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Presto, Snowflake, and many more.

loop allows users to dive into a managed environment to explore data, extract insights, and utilize machine learning technology. QuickSight combined with loop provides a rich set of features allowing users to easily customize the look and feel of the dashboards to match their brand.

loop runs on the power of QuickSight, a cloud-native, serverless, business intelligence platform with native ML integrations and usage-based pricing, allowing data access for all users.

Industry Use Cases

Grow your healthcare organization in a secured setting. Control who has access to what data all in an easy to manage platform.
Capitalize and better serve your customers with your valuable data in as little as a few weeks.
Take advantage of the explosion of public data sets to enhance your own internal analyses.
Connect valuable data to help the productivity of your organization.
See untapped opportunities, serve customers better, increase operational efficiencies and manage risk.

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