Keep your teams in the loop with deep data insights accessible in a seamless web portal - powered by Amazon QuickSight.

Who should use loop?

loop is ideal for any organization that wants to create a cohesive experience for their data consumers. Whether used for analysts and executives internally or delivering insights to clients externally. loop serves a broad range of industries and use cases, from retail and healthcare to education and finance.

Why use loop?

You put a lot of energy into creating well-designed dashboards that share useful insights, but what about the surrounding experience? If your data consumers can’t find relevant dashboards, or if their experience feels disjointed, they can quickly become disengaged.


Embedded Analytics
Insights delivered using Amazon QuickSight's dashboarding and advanced machine learning features.
Designed for Multi-tenancy
Keep your clients data secure enforcing row level security and custom namespaces.
Connect Systems - Files
loop is nimble use existing data pipelines to connect to systems or files.

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