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At West Loop Strategy, we believe in nurturing talent and achieving success together.


West Loop Strategy (WLS) is a technology focused consulting firm specializing in helping clients improve their business through the use of cloud based modern technology and data analytics.

Our clients trust WLS for technical Strategy, Digital Experience, Product Development, Data Strategy, Analytics and successfully navigating the cloud.

If you’d like to apply your technical knowledge to high-impact projects, we have the role for you.

As a technical consultant, you are responsible for engaging with our largest and most strategic clients. You’ll be a key member of our team with a technical background and competencies in project management, integration, hands on coding and strategy.

What you will be doing.

  • Creating and designing data visualization for clients that help answer business focused questions
  • Iterate with business leaders on deliverables to meet design and brand requirements
  • Partner with WLS clients to better understand their business processes
  • Effectively communicate insights and plans to team members and stakeholders
  • Design data flow and processing pipelines for ingestion and analysis using modern toolsets
  • Our team continually adjusts what technologies and architecture is used to support our clients - you will work across and gain proficiency from your colleagues

          + AWS, Azure, GCP, SQL (PostgreSQL), NoSQL (DynamoDB), Python, JavaScript (React.JS)

           + Data Lake, Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence, Serverless

What you should have.

  • A track record of academic success; growth mindset
  • Ability to communicate complex technical concepts clearly, client-facing experience a plus
  • Pursuing Bachelor’s degree in a STEM field or experience in software development
  • Hands-on proficiency with using data to answer business questions
  • Desire to learn the newest technologies in a Cloud environment
  • Deliver exceptional client service / satisfaction to drive organizational effectiveness / efficiency
  • Excellent analytical and conceptual thinking skills
  • A track record of following through on commitments
  • Excellent planning, organizational, and time management skills with history of supporting successful projects

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Find answers to common questions about cloud migration and working with West Loop Strategy.

Why choose West Loop Strategy?

With 30+ years of industry experience and over 10 AWS certifications, we offer proven expertise to seamlessly transition your business to the cloud.

How does cloud migration work?

Cloud migration is the process of moving an organization's data, applications, and infrastructure from on-premises servers to the cloud. Our team of AWS certified Solutions Architects at Company Name is here to guide you through this transition, ensuring it's tailored to your business and its unique requirements. From initial assessment to seamless execution, we'll help you navigate the complexities of cloud migration with confidence.

What are the benefits of cloud migration?

Migrating to the cloud on AWS unlocks near limitless scalability, ensuring businesses can grow seamlessly without the burden of managing physical infrastructure. Coupled with AWS's stringent security measures and compliance certifications, organizations can trust their data is safeguarded at all times. Moreover, by optimizing resources and leveraging AWS's pay-as-you-go pricing model, companies can realize significant cost savings while accelerating innovation and agility.

How long does migration take?

The duration of an AWS cloud migration can vary greatly depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the infrastructure being migrated, the readiness of the organization, the level of expertise available, and the chosen migration strategy.

For smaller, less complex applications, a migration might take a few weeks to a couple of months. However, for larger enterprises with complex systems, the migration process could extend over several months or even years.It's essential to thoroughly plan and execute the migration, considering factors like data transfer, application refactoring, testing, and training.

Additionally, organizations should allocate time for troubleshooting and unforeseen challenges that may arise during the migration process. Working closely with AWS experts or utilizing AWS migration tools and resources can help streamline the process and ensure a successful migration within a reasonable timeframe.

What support does West Loop Strategy provide?

West Loop Strategy offers comprehensive support throughout the cloud migration process. Our customized migration plans prioritize your uptime and operational integrity, while the duration of the migration is tailored to the complexity of your infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruptions.

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