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West Loop Strategy is committed to investing into our AWS Partnership through expanding our expertise in AWS technologies, building new solutions and services on the AWS platform, and delivering exceptional customer experiences to clients who rely on AWS for their cloud needs.


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What they're saying

“Our scientists were impressed with West Loop's ability to present the data in clear concise visualizations. They understood our data and could articulate their findings to our team. ”

Brian Heath

Director Data Science

What they're saying

“ The best consulting organization we have worked with. West Loop's solution automated our manual processes allowing my team to focus on our business not data entry.”

Chris Village

Accounting Manager

What they're saying

“ Incredibly impressed with the team's ability to quickly understand our business needs and translate to a project plan through execution”

Meg Shelby

Head of Customer Relations

West Loop Strategy

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QuickSight is an amazing BI platform. It allows you to display your data in an extremely friendly and easy way. One thing however, is that when we look at data, QuickSight doesn’t display data that’s not there. That makes sense right? If I don’t have a particular category in my data I shouldn’t see that. However, what if we want to display data that isn’t there. Like the graph above. What can we do? Well I’ll show you a clever way to get your data to display exactly how you like it.‍

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Business intelligence (BI) tools are technology services, which enable organizations to organize and analyze big data. BI tools like QuickSight and Microsoft Power BI take raw data and transform it into powerful, insightful visuals. As we have said before on this blog, the point of data is to guide action. BI tools are simply a means to action, informed by raw data.

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