Geo Analytics

Create Powerful Visualizations

Geospatial data is growing at an accelerating rate with the rise of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and satellite and drone imagery. These new data sources are driving new sources of insight for businesses across industries.

West Loop Strategy helps your business take full advantage of the data at your disposal by creating custom visualizations and analyses to uncover new patterns and insights to drive more informed decisions.

Modern Geo-Analytics

How We Help

Custom Analytics
Geographic data lends itself to unique ways of visualizing data by combining your data with existing maps and imagery. We customize our solutions to integrate existing information such as topographical maps to ensure you get a full clear picture of your data.
Optimize Architecture
Location based data analysis can be slow if you are not using the right tools. At West Loop Strategy, we keep optimization at the forefront of planning from frontend to backend ensuring that our solutions will scale seamlessly as your volume of geospatial data increases.
Geographic Data Pipelines
The rise in IoT devices with GPS capabilities has driven a boom in the number of geospatial data sources. Building automated data pipelines from these disparate sources to a central database or data lake ensures that spatial insights are based on the most up to date information available.