Amazon Web Services

Certified AWS partner

West Loop Strategy has all of the AWS skills you need and badges to prove it. Our team of experts have earned their stripes, proudly proficient across a range of AWS services.

We help organizations build on the cloud and optimize their AWS setup. Managed services, Application Migration, Re-platforming and Cost Management are a few of the services we provide.

AWS provides a comprehensive set of tools that go beyond standard security functionality, like encryption and access control, to offer unified security policy management and proactive monitoring. Centrally define and manage your security, governance, and auditing policies to satisfy industry- and geography-specific regulations.

Data , Analytics, ETL, AI

AWS analytics services are built to handle large amounts of data at scale and automate many manual and time-consuming tasks. AWS-powered data lakes, supported by the unmatched availability of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), can handle the scale, agility, and flexibility required to combine different data and analytics approaches. Use AWS analytics services to gain deeper insights than with traditional data silos and data warehouses.

AWS offers built-in ML integration as part of our purpose-built analytics services. You can build, train, and deploy ML models quickly with Amazon SageMaker—a fully managed service that provides tools for every step of the ML development lifecycle in one integrated environment.

AWS Partner & AWS Marketplace Seller

Full Stack Development

We can help you build a modern platform to create the agility and responsiveness necessary to quickly bring new products, services, and capabilities to market. We will help your business execute a customized and cost-conscious cloud migration strategy that maximizes the value of your existing infrastructure investments while improving your ability to rapidly respond to change.


AWS Lambda automatically runs your code without requiring you to provision or manage infrastructure. Just write the code and upload it to Lambda either as a ZIP file or container image.
Relational Database Service (RDS)

You pay very low rates and only for the resources you actually consume. In addition, you benefit from the option of On-Demand pricing with no up-front or long-term commitments, or even lower hourly rates via our Reserved Instance pricing.
API Gateway

API Gateway makes it easy to ensure that only users that you authorize can use your services. Further secure your services by adding throttles to prevent your infrastructure from being overwhelmed. Custom monitoring allows early alerts if your code is unexpectedly erroring or if your infrastructure is experiencing issues.

We Know AWS - AWS Knows WLS

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Proficient across a wide variety of AWS resources

  • QuickSight
  • Static Application Hosting
  • S3 data
  • API Gateway
  • Chime
  • Location Service
  • Data Lakes
  • DynamoDB
  • Cognito
  • Lambda
  • PinPoint
  • TextTract
  • Sage Maker
  • Transcribe
  • Data Brew
  • Athena
  • BI \ Reporting Migration