Contact Center Analytics

Analytics to manage your call center

Data lakes to absorb data from across your organization

Built on AWS and Visualized with QuickSight

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Foundational Data Lake

The best companies use data to the fullest. With powerful dashboards you can finally answer the questions you've been losing sleep over. Spot trends, potential improvements, and game changing insights with the touch of a button.

Impactful Visualizations

With powerful and intuitive visualizations, you can transform the way you do business. Our connect package grants immediate access to the data you need to make strategic business decisions.

Connect Focused

Partnered with Amazon Connect customers to model our data lake and dashboard out. These data-driven, agile, and field tested dashboards are built for companies like you.
“Upon providing my vision and feedback to West Loop Strategy, their team exceeded expectations with the delivered product.”

Matt Dunn - Director Of Operations - TTN Fleet Solutions

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