Analytics to manage your call center

A data lake that can extend to absorb data from across your organization

Visualized with QuickSight

Built on AWS

“Upon providing my vision and feedback to West Loop Strategy, their team exceeded expectations with the delivered product.”

Matt Dunn - Director Of Operations - TTN Fleet Solutions

What is included?

Foundational Data Lake

Built centrally within the AWS ecosystem on a data lake, Call Center Analytics allows your team to easily pull in data from around your organization - pairing to Amazon Connect insights.

Impactful Visualizations

The best companies use their data to the fullest. With powerful dashboards you can easily spot trends, lacking spots, and improvements. Finally, you can answer those questions you've been wondering about.

Connect Focused

Partnered with Amazon Connect customers to model our data lake and dashboard out. These data-driven, agile, and field tested dashboards are built for companies like you.

Amazon Connect

  • Analytics to analyze your Customer Journey
  • Deploy robust Error Handling in your contact flows
  • Custom Lambda and database integrations
  • Start moving forward with Contact Lens

A simplified data experience - customized to your brand. loop moves reporting and analytics to your users' bookmark bar and out of their inbox.

Keep everyone in the loop with your centralized data portal -- a turnkey solution.

Consulting Services

West Loop Strategy has partnered with AWS to build accelerator consulting packages to support customers moving to QuickSight.

QuickSight Bootcamp

Classes are designed based on real QuickSight implementations, taking users from a beginner to advance.

For anyone who works with data – regardless of technical or analytical background.

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