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Cloud Engineering

A fast-growing startup using drones and technology to automate commercial property assessment, was growing too fast - and their platform could not scale to keep up.  Like many startups they used whatever tools they could to meet their clients’ needs, which resulted in data and workflow being stored across multiple cloud providers, technologies, and systems, with manual steps required to link each together.  With 20 TB of image data stored in AWS, an internal operations application and API layer hosted in Heroku, a database in MongoDB, and a client portal in Salesforce, hosting costs - and more importantly the effort needed to keep everything in sync - were becoming untenable.  


West Loop Strategy was engaged to re-architect and consolidate their platform.  West Loop Strategy designed and implemented an entirely serverless architecture for them using the following AWS Services:  

  • Brand new custom React application hosted in S3 using Cloudfront
  • AWS Cognito and custom IAM roles enabling a secure, multi-tenant architecture
  • RDS Aurora Serverless Postgres edition as a datastore, enabling powerful GIS analytics with PostGIS and affordable performance and auto-scaling
  • Serverless API layer using API Gateway and Lambda in Python
  • AWS SES for sending custom emails and notifications
  • Embedded Analytics and dashboard authoring using AWS QuickSight
  • AWS CodePipeline, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy to automate delivery 

By consolidating all parts of the client’s platform into a single stack on AWS, West Loop Strategy was able to deliver a simpler, more maintainable, and more reliable software stack.  The result was: 

  • A faster development cycle - because of a simpler architecture and CI/CD, developers and product owners spend less time wrestling with DevOps and more time on real work
  • Lower hosting costs - by switching to serverless architecture, the client now only pays for the exact resources they need, when they need them
  • A more efficient team - the client’s operations team can now spend their time doing more revenue-generating work instead of syncing data manually between systems
  • A single version of the truth - by consolidating the client portal and the internal operations team application, it’s not longer possible for the client’s team to be working off of different information than was presented to their clients, as the data all comes from the same place
  • Innovative functionality - by integrating AWS QuickSight into the revamped application, their clients can see their data in more useful, intuitive ways, as well as bring their own data to author their own dashboards

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