Improving Applications with Embedded Analytics

More and more, clients want their insights directly tied to their applications. Embedded Analytics using Amazon QuickSight allows embedding dashboards and authoring capabilities in any front end application seamlessly

Embedded Analytics
Financial Services

Our client provides relocation services to customers around the US - providing a seamless experience for employees and their families as they relocate for new employment opportunities. Our client provided data, metrics, and reports to their clients via manual legwork, resulting in lagging reporting which lacked consistency. West Loop Strategy was engaged to build a reporting data model and provide Embedded Analytics in our clients customer portal.


West Loop Strategy implemented Amazon QuickSight with a reporting data mart built in SPICE.  This data mart focused on agility and simplicity- making the data available to those who needed it.  Client analysts were empowered with self-service dashboarding, allowing them to comb through data to find high-level insights to share with clients.  

QuickSight was embedded natively in the client portal- providing a seamless analytics experience for our customer.  West Loop Strategy customized the implementation so it matched required style guides for the product - ensuring a consistent ‘feel’ for the product that focused on results- not technology choices.


Upon completion of our engagement, our client was able to deliver world class analytics within their client portal - resulting in improved customer satisfaction and greater transparency.  In addition, several other benefits were realized:

  1. Our client is able to offer real-time data instead of monthly reports
  2. On average, 32 hours of work was eliminated every month in collecting and distributing reports- per client
  3. Analysts are finding valuable insights to help their clients better succeed

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