Embedded QuickSight

Welcome to the “West Loop Analytics Gallery”. Here we will share powerful visualizations, insights, analytics, use cases, and ideas all powered by QuickSight. Envision sharing your organization’s insights with your customers, stakeholders, executive team, and investors the way they consume the rest of their daily information through a secure web portal or as displayed below - open to the general public.

Financial Performance

This dashboard displays historical performance for all US ETFs and Mutual funds since inception. It demonstrates the ability of Quicksight to analyze a large data set and identify actionable insights.

Bug Resolution

This dashboard analyzes bugs reported for a public JIRA project. This use case demonstrates how Quicksight can aggregate technical details from a product and display them to a wider audience with an easy to understand dashboard.

College Student Migration

This dashboard shows the 'migration' from state-to-state taken by first year students as they enter college. It demonstrates some of the geo-spatial capabilities offered by Quicksight, as well as some advanced chart types. This dashboard also allows users to navigate between sheets to see additional data.

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